Robotic skins, microelectronic circuits, conductive threads and supple sensors may sound like the hallmarks of computer science, but when combined with high-tech textiles and advanced materials, they have the power to extend both the functionality and appearance of clothing.

Through the use and exploration of materials and technology, I have designed a series of five fantastical sculptural garments that utilize various forms of technology such as LED lights, phosphorescent wire, and Arduino micro-controllers. Along with these garments, I have created narration in the form of short stories, poems, and collaged images, that further develops the each individual garments character, personality, time period, and scene.

Common themes that have emerged in my ideas and brainstorming revolve around the senses: sight, smell, sound, and touch. If garments could become multi-sensory, multi-purposeful, the wearer would gain a sort of super-human ability – abilities that traditional clothing couldn’t achieve. I’ve considered working with aspects of light; glow wire, fiber-optic fabric, and integrating digital screens into garments. I’ve also thought about sound; garments that can speak to each other, talk to the wearer, or even react to body movements. Ideas of transformation have crossed my mind; if garments could change texture, or change their shape, blurring the lines of the body.

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